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Get to Know Sukhi Grewal

Sukhi Grewal talks in depth about founding Stasis Rehab

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Get to Know Sukhi Grewal
Sukhi is our principal physiotherapist here in Langley. Sukhi specializes in vestibular physiotherapy along with IMS dry needling.

He’s the Principal Physiotherapist here at Stasis Rehab in Langley, and you’ll see him teaching and in private physiotherapy appointments. We thought you guys might like to know a little more about him, so we sat down and asked him about all things physiotherapy (and what Stasis Rehab is all about!).

What made you decide to study in the field of physiotherapy?

I was treated by phyios as a young adult for a couple of injuries sustained while playing sports. Compared to the doctors that I saw, the physiotherapists seemed to care a lot more about my recovery. I was always interested in human movement, and so I decided to study Kinesiology at university first which I loved. I found though that there was a limitation of how much I could help people while they were in the acute (early or initial) stage of an injury. I decided to continue on and get my Masters in Physiotherapy so I could use both degrees together. Physiotherapy allows me deliver better treatment to my patients when they are first injured, and the combination of exercise prescription and physiotherapy knowledge now allows me to use more holistic treatment options and outcomes. My kinesiology background allows me to be creative, and physiotherapy helps with the diagnostics – combined, they mean better outcomes for my patients.

Why did you open Stasis Rehab?

Over the past 5 years I have noticed that in healthcare, the best outcomes are achieved when multiple disciplines work collectively and provide their expertice in aiding patients recovery. With the combination of physiotherapy, chiropractic treatment and, massage therapy we are able to get patients moving optimally again. Clinical counselling helps work through mental barriers to recovery along with occupational therapy which provide assistance in rehabiliting patients cognitive issues. By having a multi disciplinary clinic in Langley, we are able to provide patients with all the therapies they may need to achieve their goals.

What is your favourite part of treating patients?

My favourite part of treating patients is helping them reach their goals. I find it is beneficial to really understand the patients goals from the initial assessment so that all intervention can be targeted during a patient's recovery to address the underlying issues.

What is the biggest myth people believe about Physiotherapy?

The biggest myth about physiotherapy is that patients can be completely passive in the sense that the physio provides an intervention and there will be an immediate solution to the issues presented. People are often under the impression that the healthcare practitioner will be the one doing the fixing, however, we are just a guide in the rehab journey. My goal as a physiotherapist is to provide guidance to assist you in helping you achieve your goals.

If you could give one piece of advice to all your patients, what would it be?

Move more, sit less! Any and every movement counts.

Book in today to see Sukhi by calling 604-455-7772 or clicking here!

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