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Pain Series Blog Part 1

Dr. Kurt Zeng discusses why things hurt when we are injured

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Pain Series Blog Part 1
Neuron pain mechanism

What is physical pain?

Physical pain is a evolutionary response that the body has adapted in order to protect itself form injury or harm. The sensation of pain in an injured part of the body will cause the body to shield it from further damage.

What is nociception?

Nociception is the perception of noxious stimuli which, once it is past a certain threshold, will result in the sensation of pain. Nociception can result from many different types of sensations such as temperature and pressure. Once those threshold are exceeded, they will start to become noxious sensations that accumulate and eventually lead to pain.

Does hurt always equal harm?

During the beginning of an injury, hurt does equal harm. Pain signals to the body that something is injured and that it needs to be protected. However, in certain chronic conditions, the nervous system may be sensitized due to the constant sensation of pain and the pain threshold will be lowered. In cases like these, pain may still persist even after the injury is long gone.
Science and research has shown time and time again that exercise is the best option for musculoskeletal injuries and conditions. As long as the injury isn’t extremely severe or possibly life altering, movement will always be superior to bed rest.

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